7 Layout Ideas to Help You Design Your Restaurant Floor Plan

What is a Restaurant Floor Plan?

Why Do You Need a Restaurant Floor Plan?

Restaurant Floor Plan Must-Haves

  • The kitchen
  • Kitchen components like stoves, refrigerators, dish pit, and other larger appliances
  • The entrance & waiting area
  • Host stand
  • The restrooms
  • The waiting area
  • The bar area
  • Tables & chairs
  • Outdoor patio tables & chairs
  • Your POS systems
  • Windows & doors
  • Emergency exits
  • Square footage
  • Offices & staff break room

Restaurant Layout Ideas

1. Kitchen Floor Plan

  • Cleaning/washing
  • Storage
  • Food preparation
  • Meal cooking
  • Service

2. Dining Area

  • Fine Dining: 18–20 Square Feet
  • Full Service: 12–15 Square Feet
  • Counter Service: 18–20 Square Feet
  • Fast Food: 11–14 Square Feet
  • Banquet, Minimum: 10–11 Square Feet
  • Table Service for Hotel/Bars: 15–18 Square Feet

3. The Entrance & Waiting Area

4. The Bar

5. Restrooms

6. Outdoor Dining

7. Emergency Exits





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